What We Offer

Our Philosophy
People-Powered Sports by Multisport Endurance Events, LLC is a multi-sport event management company located in central Texas, serving the local sports-participant community by providing top-quality management and logistics for both non-profit and corporate-supported events.
But keep in mind - for us, "multisport" does NOT always mean a single event with multiple sports (think triathlon here); we present events for multiple sports. Sure, we do have triathlon events on our calendar, but we also produce running-only events, and will be developing cycling events, other multisport events (think Dri Tri or Duathlons) and para-athlete events for central Texas.
Whether your event is running, biking or triathlon, we perform complete event management and sanctioning. Multisport Endurance Events, LLC can assist you with the production of your swim, run, bike or triathlon event. We will manage as much or as little of the event as you prefer. We facilitate everything from pre-race permitting, physical infrastructure needs (fencing, porta-potties, signage, swim, bouys, etc.), sanctioning/insurance -- all the way to cleanup and final event reporting to umbrella organizations or management. Whether it is a family-friendly fun run or a competitive event, we can help.
We can arrange complete training camp packages for both corporate and non-profit needs, and we serve both youth and adults. If you have a group that wants/needs focused training, Multisport Endurance Events, LLC offers flexible training camp options -- multiple consecutive days, or periodically (i.e., every Thursday). The training plans are customized for the particular needs of the group, whether corporate or non-profit, youth or adults. We facilitate all arrangements, including lodging, food, site and coaches.
If you or your group need coaches, we can make that happen. Whether you need individualized training plans, structured training or intense personal coaching for swim, bike, run, or all three, Multisport Endurance Events, LLC has coaches available who will develop a custom training plan to get you race-ready.
Additionally, we have relationships with yoga instructors and chiropractors who are themselves athletes, to help you with your complete athlete readiness program. We are partnering with Seigga Multisport to provide top-quality coaches.
We are also developing a relationship with a Registered Dietician so she can provide a customized nutrition plan to assist us in getting you ready for your event.

Quality standards:


Safe Environments

We will make all necessary age-appropriate modification to our events to ensure the safety of all participants.


For Everybody

Regardless of challenge, you should be able to participate in ANY event you choose. We want to make that opportunity available for all our events.



We want to make your experience as positive as we can. We want you leaving our events wanting to do it again!

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